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Method P.I.S. ( Play It Safe / Play It Slow) Off all the methods you can use, this one got our attention. However it will take up your time and patience throughout the year. The stress level are at a minimum, since the risk of a loss is so low. Starting with only €10, you could end up with more than € 10.000 within the year. Below the theory. Only play relative safe bets, we prefer to use this method in live games, with games well underway in the second half. Only bet 1,02 -1,06 chances throughout the year. During the week ( Monday - Friday) with less games in play, you might have to search more foreign leagues, then you are comfortable with, but stick to this method and in time you will earn a decent amount of money. We agree with you the small odds are not very spectacular, however the potential if you have the patience to play it, is huge.  Here are the numbers Staring with €10 on January first, you could have a balance of € 13,774 or more by the end of December, if you play one bet a day with a fixed odd of 1,02. Formula --> SA x AO^ND = Balance SA = Starting Amount in € AO = Average odd in decimal ND = Number of days/bets played Just to emphasize the amount of differences the small odds can give you:    10*1,02^365 = €   13.774     10*1,03^365 = € 484.827 We have not come across a betting  website, which will not allow you to put down a large amount of money on bets with these odds. Some websites however will not allow you to make a huge profit of for example: More than €20.000 on a single bet. It is essential to find the correct bookie, which has on average the best odds. So far in our best effort we have ended in day 38,  due to the fact we got greedy in an effort to achieve a faster victory. Betting in foreign leagues we had no knowledge about. Far before the big profits are in sight. Never bet on friendly matches, those matches are too hazardous. Send us your achievements and experiences with this method. If you have a better idea, please share it with us. If you have a favorite team in let’s say Norway 2. Division which is on a hot streak, feel free to share. Below our current progress with this method, all bets are made on live games. - Well underway. - In the 25th day, already a yield of 264%. - First loss of the season, 46,46  Euro and a month effort wasted.   - Do not underestimate the home advantage.  - Within 9 days doubled up again, careful now. Already betted for more than 1000 Euro’s since 27th Of September.  - Second loss of the season, getting back up the horse. Made the mistake to bet on a game only 20 minuts underway.  - Third loss in short period, neglecting the home advantage and the game was only minutes underway.  - Start with 25 Euro this time, the bookies got me cornered now. However the method is nearing its perfection. But a waste of money in the early    period. - (13-01-2016 )Always the urge to bet one more game, fast decision and agian 17 days of “hard work “ is lost. Stick to the 4 Golden Rules !  1 : Use Home Advatage  2 : 70 minutes or more in the game.   3 : There is no obligation to bet more times a day  4 : Stay away from the non league and friendly matches
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