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This is the where we print money. Give you the best advice for free. We do what your bank and pension funds do on a daily basis. However we are signifcantly increasing your profit every day. No login codes or adds, cookies tracing your every step or advising you at which bookie to play, or in which casino you should have a good time. We are independent and we are here for all of us. We prefer to bet in different competitions. We give you the basics in Casino games in order for you to have some fun, when there is no opportunity to bet on a game. Allthough we must admit, there is always online action. One of the great perks living in this day and age. Our main purpose is tipping you about the soccer betting in the Netherlands. Since we are based in the Netherlands, we will also update you on the gambling regulation changes, which should occur in 2016. In the future we hope to help you with soccer leagues throughout Europe. For now we are too small as an organization, to give you adequate advice regarding foreign leagues, mostly dominated by two teams. Have fun !
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News 08-09-2016

End of transfer window in teh Eredivisie, not many suprises it will take some time to figure out who will win in the end
Update: 23th of September